Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

My, this place is huge! And not a single skein of yarn or fiber fleece in sight!
We're on our first ever family vacation with the infant in tow. Las Vegas in the summer can be miserable but this week even though temps are in the 100's there is slight breeze blowing (albeit hot) which makes the heat a bit more bearable than the last time I was in Vegas in the summer. That was years and years ago but no one in the party could ever forget the uncomfortable temps of 116. Yuck.
Anyway, this time we are also staying at a timeshare hotel on las Vegas boulevard about 4 miles south of the strip. I love that we don't have to breathe in cigarette smoke in the lobbies and hallways. There are 3 pools, including a "slow river" that looks mighty fun to jump into. Or float along as you lounge on your personal inner tube.

We have got 2 more days before we drive back to L.A. and today we are going to hit the Strip and maybe check out the cool hotels. Maybe have some crepes at Paris. And some gelato at the Venetian. And before we make the trek back home, I'm going back to the Woolly Wonders, the LYS I discovered yesterday.

Yup, I'm not about to miss out on the local LYS experience. Now I've been to Vegas more than I can count but each time I've been here in the past, it's been to drive friends and family around the hotels, see the sights, take pictures, indulge in the buffets and...well, the list went on ad on. There was always an Itinerary to entertain everybody.
This time, however, there is no itinerary other than to relax and have fun.

This is an update since it's been almost 3 weeks since I last wrote the above post...and I was still on vacation!  Sigh, the wonders of running and keeping up after toddlers...

I found Wooly Wonders along Pecos and Tropicana Avenue and it is located in a small strip mall on the south east corner. There were three wonderful ladies there who helped me find some coordinating yarn for an unnamed merino silk yarn I was knitting to make Isolda's Liesl and I was running out just as I cleared the arm holes. Each woman cntributed to the pile of yarns that looked like a great match but in the end I had to pick only one. However, thank you, ladies!

I also found some other fabulous yarns as the store is a treasure trove of pattern magazines, yarns of just about every weight and in the back room, 2 spinning wheels and a weaving loom - and some fiber! I ended up purchasing 2 more skeins of yarn and 2 1-ounce bags of rust and gold angelina type fiber.
Besides having some time to knit, we spent a lot of time in the pool and just hanging around in the 3-bedroom suite all by ourselves!

On our last day we decided to attend a presentation at the timeshare and as much as I had warned Leo not to say yes (I wanted to learn how timeshares work as this suite we are in is pretty sweet and with Lucas just having a blast being here, I thought it was worth looking into), we left that presentation as the new owners of a "perpetual deed". Uh oh is what I said, too.

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