Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ice Queen Scarf

Ice Queen scarf

I posted this pattern awhile back in another blog but am posting it here as well.  It's my Ice Queen scarf knit from my own handspun yarns.  The base was corespun from a Loop cloud called "Black Tie Affair" (or something like that) and the locks are from Namaste Farms and they are just heavenly!

Now I'm not a pro when it comes to pattern writing but this is a simple enough pattern and if you have any questions, just holler.

Here's the pattern:


You will need:
100 yards of bulky weight corespun yarn, or any lofty bulky yarn - This will be "A"
About 8 - 10 yards of tailspun yarn (the longer the locks, the more oomph! for your project!)  - This will be "B"
Size 15 circular needles

With A, CO 125 sts
Row 1:  K1 *YO K1, repeat from * to end of row
Row 2:  K1 and *slip EVERY YO that you did on the previous row, K1 - repeat from * till the end of row
Repeat row 1 & 2 about 3 to 4 more times, depending on how wide you want your scarf.  Cut yarn, leaving a 6" tail for weaving in later.

Next Row:  With B, knit the tailspun yarn onto every stitch to the end of row, taking care to pull out any locks that are trapped between the stitches to they hand freely.
Next Row: Loosely BO with A.

Weave in the ends. 

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