Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holidays Already?

That's definitely how I feel these days - constantly behind on everything and wondering where I can find time to do things I want to do.

This morning I woke up at 3 am because I kept dreaming I was drum carding some colorful luscious fiber.  Each time I went back to sleep, the same dream would start again and I was always carding, carding and carding.  Come to think of it - how I wished I could card last night.

Plus, I'm totally drooling over some guy's grandmother's carder with 21 tpi (really coarse cloth!) and wondering if I'm willing to pay $350 to get it.  Unfortunately, since I am not teaching the pregnancy class I was scheduled to teach today and next Saturday, there is no extra drum carder budget. 

Fiber just makes me smile, and I don't mind dreaming about it one bit - even if I can't go back to sleep because really, all I want to do is go into the freezing garage and card and spin me some lovely yarn!

Like this one:

Or knit myself a really cool neck warmer like this one:
Or card some funky batts:

Anyway, about the holidays - we haven't gotten any decorations up yet.  We'd like to get a real tree this year but I have to get my butt to the store to buy some decorations and then a small table to put the tree on since Lil Sunshine is now so mobile it's so hard to catch up with him - and he's still crawling, not even walking yet.  However he is standing on his own for a few milliseconds so I know walking's coming soon, in like, two weeks or so.

I hope your holiday plans are going as planned.  I guess I'm just an airhead these days, with so much to do constantly and finding no time to do it.  But it will be a wonderful holiday no matter what!

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