Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Been Busy...

It's been a while since I've posted about my adventures and though I haven't had any lack of that, they sure have kept me away from my blogging duties.  Three weeks ago I got a call from the local community college to see if I'd be willing to take over teaching 4 massage classes.  The teacher who'd originally scheduled to teach them had conflicting duties (basically a "full time" opportunity elsewhere doing exactly the same thing - like, not till next year) and decided to bow out of the said classes - while still continuing to teach one class till mid-November.

I figured - I really don't want to know the details, but I agreed.  It's weird how I always felt "ready" to do this more often than I've been doing so - which was always just one or two classes per semester.  The job started less than a week later and since then I've been playing catch up with "life" since I had no materials to begin with.  The teaching gig is two nights a week and they're the first nights that I'm away from my little 9-month old munchkin - who ended up having a crash course on "How to Sleep Without Mommy Around".

Interestingly I assumed I'd be needing to supplement my slow massage practice (with only a 1 to 2-day a week availability schedule your client list gets pretty limited) with some other form of income and so a few weeks ago I went ahead and bought lots of yarn so I could knit and crochet some scarves for my Etsy store.  Now I barely have careful what you ask for, right?

Anyway, some nights I still drag out the spinning wheel that's inside the bedroom and, in light of having a very mobile 9-month old - always stored in its proper upright non-used state (a 10-year old Ashford Joy) - spin only in the dark of night. That's usually around midnight to 1 am.  The other night I just finished one bobbin of luscious roving from Abbi of High Prairie Fiber.

This is a single that I spun from one of Abbi's batts - although this one was spun on my Fricke ST-160 - a 4 ounce bat all fits into 1 bobbin and I love that!

Some nights I knit.  I did get to finish this really cute neck warmer a few weeks ago and just now got to forward the image that's been sitting in my phone all that time to my mac:

Interestingly even though my time is so lacking when it comes to knitting and spinning, I still find fiber and yarn cropping up in the most unexpected of places - my front door, usually in a postal box, from the outside world!  Don't you just wonder how that happens?

And as if I wasn't already drowning in fiber and yarns and spinning wheels,  I found a new yarn store close to my massage studio!  It's called Dabble Studios and it's really small but comfy-homey - and it's got Noro and some other yarns that I like!  They also do quilting and even jewelry classes.  It's owned by a mother and daughter team and I'll be sure to check out their stuff on a regular basis.  I got myself some Hiya Hiya needles for the first time and two balls of Perfection from Kraemer Yarns.

Well, it's about 1 am and it's time the mommy gets back to bed to cuddle with the wee one.  The days that I teach are the longest days I am away from him since I leave him with his grandparents before noon so I can see my private clients, and don't get to see him till he's in bed after 10 pm (yes, it's a very long day!).  Thank goodness it only happens twice a week (which is twice a week too many, let me tell you!).  The rest of the week...well, he's all mine!

Before I let you go, here he is checking on my spinning progress one balmy afternoon!

Are you done yet?

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

He is a doll! You sound so busy that it makes me tired. Would love to meet your talented self someday.