Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today's post bears a recycled photo I posted back in 2004, when I first logged into the blogosphere - and while I had made it back then as a reminder to myself how I would like to live my life, I am posting it again now to remind me how to live life for myself - and for little munchkin, who's growing up so fast...

Today Lucas pulled himself up from sitting all my himself.  He did this while I was putting the laptop away on the bed and he pulled himself up behind my back and succeeded - then fell down on his side as he lost his hold of me.  Then it hit me - he just pulled himself up! 

He is 7 months old today - can you imagine that?  He wants to bypass crawling and is determined to walk soon - he loves his walker, which we help him along with as he walks from one point of the house to the other, sometimes tripping along, but always with the look of sheer determination (with a huge smile) on his face.  It's especially fun when he's making his way towards me.

Watching him growing up so fast makes me recall the days shortly after he was born and so this morning, I dug up my old cell phone where all those videos were still hibernating in and downloaded them all into my laptop.  This one has him at 2 days old and although it's just of him sleeping, I can watch it for hours and, he's growing up so fast!

Well, if you're still awake at this point, thank you for indulging me and my baby reminiscing and gushing.  I'll touch on the spinning and the knitting on my next post!