Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's August!

Wow!  Time sure flies, doesn't it?

That means that in a few days, Lil Sunshine will be 7 months old - count it, SEVEN!  Wow!  It also means that I've failed in my quest to lose the weight I gained during the pregnancy - well, I've failed to tone the muscles I lost during my pregnancy.  Sad to say that I'm around my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body is so much more different now.  There's a lot more rolls than before and because of the c-section, somehow I've got more 'hanging' (if you know what I mean).

Anyway, not to sound so down and all - but I think that it just means I have to try harder at losing weight - whether it's exercising more or cutting down on my carbs (like those oatmeal cookies I eat at night while drinking my tall glass of milk).  Since I'm still nursing, diets like Nutrisystem or Jennie Craig aren't recommended.

However, I'm really not complaining - I have a gorgeous baby who's the apple of my eye, the love of my life!

Here he is wearing a handspun crocheted hat I made in a few hours.  I'm so much a fan of crochet these days, especially for some of my handspun singles - they're quick to whip up and the yarn really pops!  Well, knitting handspun also does show off the yarn more but I'm a slow knitter.

I've been trying to spin though - even for just a few minutes a day or night.  Sometimes Lil Sunshine is on my back in his Action Baby Carrier (I love love love this carrier - so perfect for summer!) and sometimes he's in bed with me asleep and I'm lying on my pseudo-side and actually spinning (I won't shock you with a photo although Leo did take one last night and well, suffice it to say, imagining it is so much better!).

This is heavenly Polwarth yarn that I spun from Bohoknitterchic roving.  I wish she had more than one 4-ounce roving of this one - it would totally make a great long manly scarf!

I also have a few finished items to show off - first, a reddish scarf knit from mixed fiber yarn I found at BigLots a few months ago.  I love it - the pattern is from Yarn Harlot called One Row Handspun Scarf - however, I messed up the bind off and now while the cast on edge looks so tight and neat, the bind off edge just sorta flares.  I wonder what I can do about that.  I wish I could do it all over again maybe with smaller needles.  Any suggestions?

Then there's the shorties I knit for Lil Sunshine using Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern for Baby Leggings.  Being that we live in Southern California, I didn't think longies would be necessary so I made him a pair of shorties that, when I finally did put them on, were a tad smaller now since he outgrew them really fast.

I mean I could use them over disposables, but not over cloth dipes.  So it kinda defeats the purpose for using woolies I think.  At least he loves to chew on it it's not for naught.

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