Thursday, July 15, 2010

It' Not Even That Hot Yet!

But boy, is it hot - at least inside our little house!

I'm not ready to turn on the a/c yet though so for now, it's fans galore in just about every corner.  Last night I spent about five minutes spinning on the patio where it was really cool but the moment Lucas saw me (Leo was carrying him), he wanted mommy so my spinning retreat was soon over and it was time for bed.

Remember that unintentional Lakers-inspired yarn that I spun a few weeks back?  I just realized that I had never shown a photo of it.  Well, here it is:

It's a navajo plied yarn and you can see some of the bumps where some of the chains begin.  I think my n-plying needs some practice and so I think some practice sessions may be in order one day.  I don't know what to make with it. I think there's less than 150 yards or so of sport weight yarn - maybe some handwarmers?  A hat? 

Did I ever mention awhile back that I wanted to have only ONE wheel in the house?  Why is it that each time I say that, another wheel pops up?  Two months ago, it was a Lendrum DT which stayed in the house for a month before I decided that aside from looking aesthetically more beautiful than my Fricke, they both had identical ratios and with the Fricke there was no need to change the flyer and the band if I were to spin bulky yarns.  And so it went to a wonderful Raveller who lives a few cities away from me.

So I said to myself, this is it.  I'll just have my Fricke wheel in the house.  Then someone whom I had once wanted to buy a Clemes wheel from a few months back but backed out on, emailed me and said she'd lowered her price and the new price included shipping.  So I said...YES.

It should be coming next week.

And guess who's living in the bedroom right now?  The Fricke stays in the library, btw.  The Clemes wheel?  I have no idea where it will stay but probably the library, too - I'm pretty ambitious about it - I want to sand it and paint it.  Well, in the bedroom, there sits a first-generation Ashford Joy wheel that my friend fiberfreek offered to sell to me last week.  His wheel is the first wheel I had ever fell in love with - at my first World Wide Knit in Public Day two years ago.

It was also the first time I had seen my first spinning wheels out...anywhere, and meet people who loved fiber the way I would soon love it.  So as I sneak to spin a few yards here and there of Polwarth roving that I bought from bohoknitterchic on the Joy while Lucas sleeps or plays, I think that I've come full circle (I hope).  This is it. 

Cross my fingers...


Amy said...

Hi. I wanted to ask about a previous pattern you posted and I wasn't sure if you would see the comment on the original post since it was a while back. You posted a pattern for the Wagner's Hat. I am making it and it's beautiful. But I'm a recent knitter and had a question about the pattern repeats. You list the eight row pattern and then say to repeat the pattern three times. So my question is - do you knit the eight rows once and then repeat them three times, for a total of four times knitting the eight rows. OR do you knit the eight row pattern a TOTAL of three times? Thank you so much.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

The yarn has great texture and color; congrats! Stay cool...

Velvet said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you for your kind words! it's my first pattern (well, adapted from a popular stitch) so I'm pretty new to writing stuff like that.

As for the pattern, You repeat the "8 rows" 3 times which gives you 4 of the 8 row-pattern.