Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's to a kickass 2010 for us all!

We spent New Year's eve quietly at home enjoying the Christmas gift we gave ourselves - an LG Blu-Ray player that also streams Netflix and youtube. So Leo picked out Lord of the Rings Return of the King extended edition that ran 4 full hours! He loved the high definition and now wishes for a larger flat screen tv!

Though the holidays have been quiet in our household (other than my runaway 20-year old son resurfaced on Christmas day by calling me on the phone to wish me Merry Christmas and him spending Boxing day with my brother and cousin while I spent it with Leo's family), it's been good. I've been making myself busy on the knitting front.

I'm going to run through my FO's from the latest project, the first FO of 2010, to the the ones I finished on Christmas day.

First, let me present to you my nth wool soaker - only this pattern is my favorite! It's from and is called the traditional wool soaker - a pattern gifted to me by a generous Raveller last week. It's knit from the front crotch up to the top, then you either add an elastic or an i-cord. It was my first time making an i-cord and boy, was it fun!

I actually made two of these - the first one, modeled on the training baby doll my friend Sheri convinced me to buy to train Truffles to recognize that I'm going to have a baby in my arms soon instead of her, should be bluer than in the photo. It doesn't have the i-cord attached yet though although it's all completed as we speak.

The second traditional wool soaker is done in blue with green trim since I finished off the blue skein from the first woolen soaker and when that ran out, used the green as trim and for the leg cuffs. I'm totally loving this pattern because the leg openings are generous enough and stretch! I still have to make a few larger sizes since the ones I made are the smallest ones.

Then of course there's the finished (well, minus the buttons which are still in the shopping bag they came in) BSJ with collar! I think it's cute but he's gonna wait till he's almost a year old to wear it. It's pretty huge.

Then there were these 2 skeins of Poems yarn that I had scored at my local Tuesday Morning, which became these two scarflettes - one is a loop through scarf and the other, well just a button up scarflette with its pattern belo

One Button Scarflette Pattern

Yarn:  Poems yarn - Aran 10ply 8wpi (I used 1.4 skeins but you can use less since this scarflette is longer than usual)
Needle size:  Size 7/4.5 mm

CO 2
Row 1: (RS) Sl1, M1 (I used a bar increase), K to the end
Repeat Row 1 on the right side till I got about 24 or so stitches
Row 3: Continue in garter stitch (knit every row).
I estimated the location of the button and then made a 4 stitch-wide buttonhole in one row:
One Row Buttonhole at
Then continue about 5 - 8 more rows before decreasing on the RS:
Sl1, K2tog, K to end of row
Continue on RS till you have only 2 stitches, BO and weave in the ends.
Find a large enough button and sew along the spot you want the button to be!

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