Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Pattern!

I've gotten a few requests for the Wager's Hat I made for my friend Pam for Christmas and so I'm going to post it here - the best I can remember. I think I wrote it down somewhere (how many stitches to cast on and then increase but as usual, I can't find it!) but I'll give it a go!

I think the stitch is based on Barbara Walker's Wager's Welt pattern but I'm not so sure.

Wager Hat
You will need:
Bulky yarn (about 140 yards) I used a little more than half a skein of Lion Brand Homespun yarn since I didn't want Pam to have to worry about washing wool when she's got all that chemotherapy to worry about!
Knitting needles Size 9 AND 10 16" circulars
Size 10 DPN's
Stitch Marker

Using #9 needles, CO 56 sts and PM, join, making sure not to twist the stitches
Work 1X1 rib (K1 P1) for 6 rows (I like 1X1 rib because it is just a bit more elastic than 2X2, however you can also use that if you want)
Increase row: Using #10 needles, K1, M1 all around (112 sts)
Pattern rows:
1: K all around
2: K all around
3: K all around
4: P all around
5: K all around
6: P all around
7: K all around
8: P all around

Repeat Pattern 3X, ending with Row 8

9: Knit
10: Knit
11: *K14, K2tog, rep*
12: Purl
13: *K13, K2tog, rep *
14: Purl
15: *K12, K2tog, rep *
16: Purl
17: *K11, K2tog, rep *
18: Knit
19: *K10, K2tog, rep *
20: Knit
21: *K2tog, rep *
23: *K2tog, rep *
Gather and BO, weave in the ends

Pam sent me an email a few days after we met and she says she loves her hat! I'm so glad I made her a hat this time instead of the scarves I normally make her each year. I'll update my photos to show the same pattern on some pretty nice wool yarn!


Anonymous said...

I love the hat; but I think the decreases should have started with K14, K2tog.

Velvet said...

You're right! They should have started at K14, K2tog. I made up the pattern a few weeks ago and wrote it down from memory, so I'll be updating it with the K14, K2tog decrease.

Thanks so much!

Amy said...

Hello. I love this pattern and am making it as a gift. I'm a new knitter so pardon a stupid question.
You give the eight row pattern and then say repeat pattern three times.
My question is - do you knit those eight rows once and then REPEAT it three MORE times? Or do you knit the eight rows a total of three times? Thank you!

catsmum said...

Amy - it looks from the first photo that you do the pattern a total of four times - and don't worry, you'll soon get to where you can see this stuff for yourself :]

Anonymous said...

On no. 10, should I assume that the instruction is K14, and not L14 as written? If not, please let me know what the L stands for. Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

What does PM mean? And, with the increase row you double the number of stitches that one go around correct? As in, knit a stitch, add a stitch, repeat, repeat until you get from 56 to 112 stitches. Looks really nice

Anonymous said...

any suggestion for how many stitches to start with for the type of yarn I have. It is royal alpaca and calls for needle size 7-8. I could shift up to the 9/10's that are called for in the pattern, but wondering if anyone has a suggestion for number of stitches to increase to if I use size 7's and 8's.

Anonymous said...

I am new to knitting and would love some help with the transition from the 9 needles to the 10. I got the first part down(the rib) and am confused on how to transfer to increase. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

pm place marker

Teal said...

K1, M1? What is M1?

Lori Thorne said...
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Lori Thorne said...

M1 means make one...basically all you do is lift a strand of yarn from between the stitch you just made and the next stitch and then knit that stitch that you lifted onto your left needle through the back loop! Hope this helps you! Happy knitting!

Lori Thorne said...

This is a great pattern! The best part is that I have two skeins of Homespun yarn and can make at least 2 beanies and maybe even 3 beanies! Thanks for the free pattern! :-)

Anonymous said...

Are the needles US size or mm size?

Rebecca said...

I was originally looking at a crocheted tam pattern but I so much prefer knitting that I was happy to find your pattern. It really does look nice in the Homespun yarn, which is what I'm working with. I think my friend will love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I know this is a super old post but i really wanna make this hat! I keep messing up the increase row. K1, M1 brings you to 84 stitches. I thought it would be 112 and didnt count, but then realized it was way less than i needed. So i started over, thinking maybe if i repeat the increase row itll give me 112... wrong, so wrong. So now im starting over for the third time, wondering is it k1, and then m1 for the remaining stitches, not k1, m1, k1, m1?

Jennifer Blasky said...

Yes you are correct. It's k1,m1,k1,m1 all the way around. That'll make it 112 total if you cast on 56.