Saturday, January 16, 2010

February Sweater in January

Hard to believe that just over a week ago, I was waddling around town with my 36 week belly and wondering when I was going to deliver. I was also busy finishing my first February Sweater, also known as Sweater on Two Needles by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

This was knit from one of my first handspun yarns, from fiber by Gale's Art and though it's not meant for my little Lucas, maybe some lucky baby girl will score this one in the near future.

Next time I think I'll knit the arms in the round and remember to put buttonholes.  This one actually doesn't have any because by the time I realized it, I was past the yoke already.  I think I'll attach one of those snaps by the neckline, where the front will be a little bumblebee button.

This is in its pre-blocked state so hopefully I'll get a photo of it after it's all blocked and pretty!

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