Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goings On...

Nothing much has been going on in the home front today.  We've been lying low since the delivery and enjoying little Lucas each day.  He's a little rascal and I am grateful each day for the blessings I have been given.

My little chihuahua, Truffles,  has been a litle verklempt lately though.  Ever since Leo's brother came to pick her up so she could stay over at their house while Leo and I stayed at the hospital to deliver Lucas last week, she's been more timid and unsure of her place in the house since we all got back.  It didn't help that I was gone for four days and Leo said she was depressed, waiting by the door each day for me to come home.  And of course, when I did come home, I had someone new in my arms and the poor thing was bereft.

For two days, Truffles was looking really sad and it bothered me.  I've heard of people giving up their dogs when a baby comes in, but I was not about to do that.  Leo and I had talked about it long ago that no matter what, we were keeping Truffles.  She'd been our lifesaver more times than I can count.

So on the third day, Leo and I made an extra effort to include her in everything, and each day has shown an improvement in her attitude.  She's got more confidence now and is more herself each day.  Whew!  Here we are this morning in bed...

I usually have my hands full with both "babies" - Lucas sleeping or nursing on my left and Truffles wanting to be petted or sleeping on my lap on my right.  It's a juggling act, but I'm not complaining.

Today is the second of three storms to hit SoCal and so we've decided to stay home and wait another day to run errands and just enjoy doing nothing.  That is, until the rains came.

It rained so hard that the yard flooded and even made its way into the garage.  Leo had to move stuff above the water line, and that included my yarns and fiber.  My vintage spinning wheel was moved into the gazebo a week ago by my in-laws and already, I had to let that go.  It's been battered by so many people handling her that I'd given up worrying about it.  At least my Fricke made it back into the house yesterday...

On the knitting front, I've been busy knitting a Wager Hat using Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn, with a few changes in the decreases for a much slouchier hat.  This is probably going to go to my Etsy shop, which has been neglected these past weeks.  Having a baby is a full-time affair, I tell you!

It took me about three days to finish the hat - what with having a baby to nurse and tons of other things to take care of, I had to make an effort today to finish it.  The pattern is similar to the Wager Hat but with a modification in the decreases to reveal a more abrupt bind off, resulting in a much slouchier hat with not too much tapering at the end.

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Jen and Rich Johnson said...

So sweet! I love the photo with you, Lucas and Truffles. T looks so happy.

Nice hat, very stylish!