Friday, December 18, 2009

A Productive and Fun Week!

Fish alive!

Well, he'd be alive once I add his eyes in. I dug through my wool felt stash and couldn't find a single white piece, so I ended up having to stop by Michaels and buy some synthetic felt instead. His eyes should be done by tonight - I swear!

I've finally picked up the second BSJ that I was working on about 2 months ago before I got sidetracked by all the woolen soakers and calorimetries and so far, I'm doing pretty good. This is how far I've come so far and maybe in two days, I'll get it completely done. Wish me luck!

Speaking of wool soakers, I finally got the ribbed leggings done on them and here they are! I still have one more to go and then a few more soakers to knit, too. I've found that while my cloth diaper stash is growing, my checkbook is getting pretty thin. But it's all for a good cause anyway - an investment really.

I finally had an FO to gift as well! Remember my wager hat? Well, they were knit using my friend Pam's colors and she loved it! Here she is modeling it while we were having dinner at the local Islands.

Pam has been fighting stage 4 cervical cancer for the past 15 months and I am so grateful that she is/seems doing well. She refuses to let anything negative enter her life and even after being told that her cancer has metastasized to her lungs, liver, and axillary lymph nodes, she still walks 2 - 4 miles a day, does tai-chi and yoga each week, and has returned to working as a massage therapist 3 days a week...even while undergoing chemotherapy that has basically killed off her bone marrow.

She is just amazing.

Anyway, today Leo's coworkers surprised us with a baby shower and it was a wonderful suprise (well, not really, but they asked us to act surprised). That would be my third baby shower and we couldn't be happier. Pam actually told me that I had the most boring registry she had ever seen because everything I had put down was so practical.

Well, practical is true, but I honestly have no idea what to pick out. Thank goodness today, his coworkers got us a swing that everyone swears will be a "lifesaver" when the baby comes.

All in all, it's been a great few days and it's going to be a wonderful Christmas!

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