Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Latest Toy!

Last week, my aunt gave me this for Christmas. She had won this in a raffle but didn't want it and so it sat in her garage for a few months.

And now it's mine!

It's a great little machine. It brews individual servings of coffee (Gevalia, Starbucks, and other brands), capuccino, hot tea, and chocolate (using syrup, not powder), which unfortunately for someone like me who's supposed to be on a budget, can be quite expensive. Each serving can cost about .50 to almost a dollar a pop.

And so I spent some money on different types of coffee, capuccinos and hot chocolate. Leo wasn't too convinced. He likes his coffee weak and so the first cup I made him was too strong for him. And because I swore off coffee while I'm pregnant, I can't test any of them...except for the hot chocolate!

So now each day I have at least 2 cups of hot chocolate and already I need to return to the store and get a few more boxes.

Oy vey...

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