Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Almost There

I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and in 3 more weeks, I'm considered "full term".

I'm pretty excited and tomorrow, I go in to have my ultrasound to check on Lucas' size and his normal kidney and the rest of his urinary system to make sure that everything is doing okay.

My gestational diabetes is still there, and I'm hanging on for dear life with my blood sugar numbers. Sometimes they're high, but most of the time, just barely over the limit (which my endocrinologist says is okay). It's the morning numbers that worry him and so I'm on insulin at night - which means I get to stick myself with a needle before I go to sleep (actually not too bad - I keep telling myself if I can handle over 20 acupuncture needles, one tiny needle shouldn't be too bad).

These days I find myself figuring out what I need for the nursery. I've had to buy 2 boxes of newborn diapers upon the recommendation of a cloth-diapering mama who said that since I'm still building up my stash of cloth diapers, all-in-ones (AIO), covers and such to see what works or not, having disposables on hand isn't such a bad idea - in the beginning.

I've also been scouring the internet for diapers, covers, AIOs - brand new and slightly used and I'm pleased to say that I'm learning something new each day. I'm actually getting more and more confident about my CD decision as well. Sure, the investment can be a lot in the beginning, but knowing that I won't have to run to the store (or send Leo to do that) to get disposables throughout the years is pretty comforting.

I've been buying CD related stuff left and right, too, and I'm watching the coffers run dry. I just purchased three diaper covers from KDBspace on Etsy as well as lanolin from Katidids for the wool soakers I've knitted, and will be knitting from recently purchased Brown Sheep yarn destashed by Escavations, also on Etsy.

Tomorrow, or Thursday, I'm meeting someone from Craigslist at the mall to buy some of her hardly used CD stuff that she found she didn't particularly like - like Thirsties, Bumgenius and Fuzzibunz. Leo has been pretty patient about it, considering he is against buying used items for his firstborn. But so far, when it comes to clothing and diapering, he's been pretty cool about it - thank goodness, you can wash them all prior to use, right?

All these preparations have made me realize that we haven't even taken out any holiday decorations! There is not a single holiday related item in the house! We've been so wrapped up with baby Lucas that we haven't even taken out the decorations from the garage!

Oh well...

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