Monday, December 14, 2009

Parties, Showers and Disagrees

A few days ago, someone asked a question about drop spindling on a Rav forum that I had just joined in a week ago. So I went ahead and gave my two cents, complete with a photo montage of HOW I DROP SPINDLE, not HOW TO DROP SPINDLE. I even added some youtube links to how other people do it.

Now I don't know if it's the preggo hormones working or not, but having 9 Disagrees on a post that the original poster commended actually helped her got to me. It was annoying.

It would have helped if these 9 people said something as to why they disagreed instead of hiding behind the damn button. But then that's Ravelry for you. Oh least it won't change the way I drop spindle. Whether purists are horrified that I'm doing it wrong or not, it's their panties that'll be in a twist, not mine.

Anyway, I had my baby shower last weekend and it was great to have 30 plus family and friends brave the rain (in SoCal it never rains, but we complain like it always rains when it actually does rain) to attend it. It was a lot of fun - lots of good food, desserts, and a couple of baby shower games.

That morning, I got up early and decided to make a 'diaper cake' from gifts I'd already received. However, it isn't really a diaper cake as much as a blankie cake since the only diapers in it were two Bumgenius AIO diapers, and three wool soakers I had knit a few weeks ago gracing the outside of the cake.

Since I had decided early on to cloth diaper, I hadn't stocked up with any disposables or even cloth ones. Luckily, the cake came out okay. I did dress up the bear with a handknit handspun sweater, too.

While we were opening presents, one of the last ones I opened had cloth diapers and I was so excited to receive them. When they heard me say that I was going to try out cloth diapering, it looked as if I had sprouted two heads! Then Leo showed them the wool soakers and while they all thought they were cute, they still couldn't get over the cloth diapering plans.

The following day, my mother's side of the family held their annual Christmas party at a nearby Chinese buffet and they had the family tree up on the wall. After most everyone had eaten, one of my aunts did a fun and informative presentation of the maternal family tree that spanned four generations.

It included incestuous scandals, land grants, land grabbing, and even arms dealing by an enterprising great aunt who traded machetes for land. A branch actually joined with a neighboring branch because of marrying first cousins. One uncle was so prolific in his "pollination" (as my aunt called it) and probably determined to father 26 children that he named his children with his wife from A to N and with a mistress, from Z to O!

My aunt then said, "I decided never to marry a Filipino because I may be marrying my cousin."

Seeing the family tree that didn't even include illegitimate offspring, I couldn't agree more. But then again, I did marry a Filipino - and no, we're not related!

While it was a very busy weekend, my legs didn't fare so well. With me on my 33rd week, being on my feet led to swollen legs and ankles for both days to the point that when I removed my shoes or boots or socks, it felt as if I was walking around with some kind of a balloon attached to my cankles!

Luckily, Leo has been on top of things - he gives great foot massages!

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Rosemary said...

Oh, don't let the Mean Girl Club on Ravelry get you down. The Mean Girls don't approve of that group and they delight in clicking disagrees. I promise you that it had nothing to do with what you posted, it was the fact that you posted in that particular group. It's sad how some folks really have no life!

Just for the record - I cloth diapered all the little bottoms in this house. Once you develop your routine, it's really not hard at all. Yay for modern washers and so forth (even though I've been done with diapers for almost 14 years where did the time GO?) so you don't have to soak and all of that nastiness. I would just soak my diapers overnight in the washer - mine has a "soak" cycle, yay, and I'd soak them in a scoop of regular detergent and powdered clorox 2. The liquid clorox 2 doesn't work as a soaking agent. If you get some stubborn BM stain, you set the diaper out in the full sun and poof, like a magic trick, the sun takes out the poop stain.

Happy BABY! I miss those days. Newborns are so special.

Don't let the mean girls get you down. You can hide your disagree button, too, just fyi.

(rosemaryknits on Rav.)