Sunday, May 24, 2009

Knitting With Friends Over Coffee, Eyeballs, and the Best Knitting Bag...Ever!

Today was the day to knit and catch up with awesome friends, Jamie and Abraham, and new knitting convert, Meka at Coffee Bean in Bixby Knolls, a quaint little Long Beach area right next to Trader Joe's where I promptly went shopping shortly after we were done knitting almost six hours later! Wow, how time flies!

Meka, a new knitting (and spinning) convert, needed some Knitting 101 tips from Jamie and so he presented her with the Reversible beginner's hat pattern using straight needles. Meka doesn't feel ready for DPN's and I don't blame her - it too me years to brave those darn things myself! I had to convince myself to try out circular looms only to find out the DPN's were way faster and didn't challenge my fading eyesight finding those darn pegs.

Jamie showed off his Vitreous Humor yarn from Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit and it is just so soft and amazing. Next up was a matching pink 'manly' yarn from Manspun, and it even had some sparklies in it! That's the new age manly for ya!

Of course, Jamie had to show off his latest acquisition - no, not the Spinolution Bee wheel (although that is amazingly portable and on-so-cute!) - but his Nantucket Bagg! It has pockets for everything a knitter should ever need! It can unzip so that it lays flat; zips up so it becomes a bag; and by pulling the top straps tight to close the top, use those straps to turn your Nantucket Bagg into a backpack! You can also use this bag inside out, or outside in - they're amazing either way! I consider it the Best Knitting Bag...Ever!

In fact, I just ordered one for myself - and the coolest thing is - help the company publicize the bag, and you get a free one! I could sell these to non-knitters! It's for everything but the kitchen sink, I tell you! So head on over to the Nantucket Bagg website and order one for yourself! It is one amazing, sturdy, carry-everything bag!

I'm so glad I spent most of the day with comrades in arms (and needles) instead of staying home and wondering if Leo was ever going to remember that two days from now would be my birthday - he's only managed to forget it the entire time we've been together (um, four years). It can be depressing, but what can you do? I could hire skywriters, but in this economy, it's out of the question.

But I'll live...


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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fiberfreek said...

Nothing like spending the day with friends!! Every time we get together I get hom motivated and inspired!!!! Can't wait for the next time!!!

fiberfreek said...

Why don't I have your email address? Please send it to me!! Lot's of links to send your way!!!
BTW, your new toy is sitting by the front door!!!! ;P