Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to Regular Programming...For Now

Before I say anything else, let me introduce you to my new DRUM CARDER! Yes! It's a full size Fricke 205 drum carder to go along with my Fricke wheel. The Fricke line of drum carders has since been purchased by Otto Strauch but this one is still a beauty! I picked her up today from Betty, a Raveller who was driving down to San Diego from Central California (saved me on shipping), and we had a wonderful hour spent talking about - what else? Fiber!

I haven't given him a name yet, but at lease I know it's a male. I did end up destashing my Petite and it's en route to New Jersey as we speak.

I also started dyeing again today. I started with two 4-ounce braids which I kettle-dyed and then added in some tussah silk noils to the dye pot to exhaust the rest of the dye. I was pretty pleased with the result, considering that I'm scared to death of mixing or blending my colors. This time I told myself that it wasn't rocket science and no life depended on it. It's simply called 'creativity'...

End result? Not bad at all. Guess this is something I'll be doing more often.

Then Leo came home and said that we should go out to dinner (it's my birthday after all), and after deciding on some T-bone steak, he ended up with sushi. So here's my 'full' plate before I attacked it.

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! It's late, but I hope you had a blast!