Monday, January 19, 2009

Quiet Around Here...

It's been pretty quiet around here lately...unless you count all the sneezing going on.

With the wonderful summer temps hitting Southern California, a little of the Santa Ana winds must have hitched a ride because I'm just sneezing all over the place. It also leaves my head a bit foggy throughout the day - which doesn't help considering that it's all foggy to begin with.

Dark Side Cowl in progressI haven't even been spinning! Instead, I've been knitting. I don't know what to do with all my handspun yarn stash! It keeps growing and I keep moving from one bin to another, trying to cram as much yarn as I can put into one spot.

I'm currently knitting The Darkside Cowl with one of my first handspuns from the Hitchhiker (or was it the Julia?) and as I knit, I find some extremely thin spots here and there and I have to be extra careful...

And speaking of fiber stash got bigger with my latest order from the Sheep Shed studio of some luscious red roving. And so with the already growing pile of fiber from months past, it just got bigger (as fiber often does) and I haven't exactly done any organizing lately.

But what I have also been doing lately is dyeing some of that fiber. I took a long break from dyeing simply because I got lazy. But yesterday and today, I've been dyeing a lot. It's simply loose fiber, no long tops or roving and no painting involved.

My system's pretty easy. I simply layer dye powder and fiber on top of each other, then pour hot water and then the vinegar. Push the fiber down gently and then set the crockpot on high for about 90 minutes and voila! Some pretty cool fiber!

Yesterday I finished all my red and blue (to create a purply blend) dyes, and today, I'm blending some yellow and gold together. Someday I may tackle handpainting roving...

Though it's been quiet around the house, we all know that it's one exciting time for the country. Tomorrow, we'll have a new president, and I'll be sitting at home watching the inauguration and then in the afternoon I'll be off to the LYS to meet Jamie and see his new wheel and just hang out.

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