Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hot Tamales! I Actually Spun Some Yarn!

Miracles do happen...

Today I actually sat in front my wheel and started spinning some yarn. Not just plan about it, or dream about it, or drool over other people's handspun and plan to spin my own awesome yarn...but I actually spun something!

Hot Tamales!It started out like this in the morning. Mill spun wool and corriedale plied with pink Xie thread (they call it yarn but it's really thread when paired with this uber-chunky yarn) and Leo called it "Hot Tamales" - a name I really love! I think I came up with 40 yards of sweet red and pink just didn't have the "kick" I would have wanted if indeed I'd be calling it "Hot Tamales".

Fickle handspun bulky yarnThen this afternoon, I unplied the thread off the yarn and spun some more to add to its current 40 yards. Then I plied it with some multi-colored viscose by Cascade Yarns. Now it's no longer "Hot Tamales", but "Fickle" - just in time for Valentine's Day. I still need to set it and add some stuff to it tomorrow, but for now, I'm pretty happy with it. I came up with some 59 yards of uber-uber bulky yarn - just the way I like it!

The past few days I've been drum carding. A lot.

And after wanting a drum carder soooo much, I'm so over it now. Drum carding can be tedious! I have a drum carder designed for finer fibers and so that doesn't help that most of the fibers I have on hand are from the Sheep Shed Studio's grab bags - which aren't exactly combed top, but in between. Some of the fiber I felted by accident, too, though so that doesn't help either.

Drumcarded BunsI did come up with a few ounces of carded fiber - and so far they're filling up my medium sized basket pretty nicely. I've spun a little bit (the pink for the Fickle handspun) and I'm hoping to spin a bit more by tomorrow. I've come to the realization that I've been spending more time coveting more wheels and other people's handspun than actually doing some spinning. And that is a bad thing...

So typical of most new year resolutions, I've come up with one more resolution to add to my current list - details which escape my mind at the moment - and that is to spin more!

By the way, did you know that tonight is the start of the Chinese New Year? Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Lisa said...

those batts look delish!

Glad to see that you're back spinning again. It's true - sometimes the accumulation of "stash" can take over everything else!

velmalikevelvet said...

I'm delighted with your new yarn! That is the same color combo I did for my very 1st handspun effort: red + pink! Wanna see? Its at:

and it became this hat:

what do you think you'll make with yours?