Friday, January 16, 2009

Serious Skillz!

Cindy's got skillz! Cindy is Studioloo and she spins these amazing art yarns!

Last November I was very fortunate to have her as my swap partner and this is what I got! She ended up getting small small skein of pink yarn that I had to spin up in a hurry because the first yarn I spun for her didn't even make it there. My fault though.

I sent it to some state other than CANADA. I must have been high because we all know that Canada is not one of the 50 states of America...

So last night, after two months of staring at her yarn (I hung it by the light so I would see it every day), I finally broke down and knit something with it.

I decided to do something simple that would bring out the special qualities of her novelty yarn. I knit this using size 19 needles and chose to do the Go Diagonal pattern from Lexi Boeger's Intertwined book.

Took 2 hours! It was so easy that the only difficult time I had was trying to take a photo of it without showing all my extra curves that shouldn't be there...

In the meantime, Velma of Colorbomb Creations created a tutorial on how to create corespun yarns on the wheel! She is wild, that woman! I just love her motto - "Color Can't Hurt You!"

And while we're on the topic of skillz, I've been practicing my weaving skills. Here's my rigged warp for that kiddie loom I wove some coasters on. Since the Curious weaving loom is designed to weave small pieces like coasters and pot holders, I needed a way to lengthen the warp. So I rigged a dowel to which I tied the warp threads (gold crochet thread) and then secured the dowel around the leg of the coffeetable.

It made for an uneven warp, depending on the angle of the loom, but it was do-able. I was then able to roll the finished sections around the bottom dowel and continue weaving. I used some of my handspun yarn, and alternated it with some paper ribbon from my wedding bin.

Not too bad.

In the end, I finished with a piece that was about 13 inches long by 5-1/2 wide, kinda crooked on one side because the far right weft yarn was cut too loose. But it seems to have personality. I have yet to add finishing touches to it, but Leo has already agreed that it be hung somewhere in the house, since the place is devoid of any of my artwork to date.

"Red Paper" would then be the first to grace the walls of our little home - warts and all!


Jen said...

I love your wedding paper wall hanging, very arty!

Nice choice on the scarf pattern for the novelty yarn, looks toasty!

Desiree said...

That diagonal scarf looks really fun to knit! I LOVE using HUGE needles!