Saturday, January 3, 2009

Midwifery is Fun!

Especially when it involves a spinning wheel named Mack!

Today, I went for a nice little ride to the quaint little city of Monrovia, to visit Janice Rosema at Unraveled and bring about the birth of Jamie's new wheel. Unravelled is such a cute little LYS that I wish were right by my house.

Abraham did the driving and I hope I didn't talk too much (I tend to do that sometimes), but I guess I didn't because we got there and back safely.

We had some great Cuban sandwiches at Merengue and did a walkabout around the area, even going into a really wonderful antique store. For a minute there, it seemed so authentically vintage in there, that I thought the store had their own "people" walking about as customers. A couple dressed in 1920's outfits - the woman complete with the hat and coat and wonderful shoes, and the man in such a custom tailored 1920's suit - walked past me and I just about had to think really hard about whether I had stepped into some kind of time portal. Turns out that they were going to some party...but I could have stared at them for hours. They were THAT adorable.

And speaking of adorable, you can't beat that smile...
From At Yarn's End

At Unraveled, we browsed about at all the scrumptious yarns and I loved the collection of knitting magazines that included some wonderful Rowan issues. I found a really fun Ozark handspun skein and a pair of Brittany birch needles.

Then it was time to meet Janice and meet Jamie's wheel. Janice is so much fun and Abraham and I had a blast hanging out with her. That woman is so full of love and light you just can't help keep smiling! She is such a breath of fresh air - always willing to share her knowledge about fiber arts.

She gifted Abraham and I some wonderful Autumn batts (I love it sooo much that I have to wait till tomorrow morning to photograph it) and then we talked about - what else? - spinning, knitting and crochet!

Well, Jamie, I hope you enjoy your wheel and spin as much as you want tonight! I'm so glad to be a part of Mack's birth! In the meantime, Jamie, this one's for you!

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fiberfreek said...

THANKS! I'm so lucky to have a friend as wonderful as you! Not only did you help 'deliver' my new wheel but you thought to make a video! You are truly special!

Much love,
P.S. Love the picture of Abraham! ya got him smiling!!!!