Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Fibery Sunday

Today I set out to dye at least 8 - 10 ounces of fiber in my crockpot. I had some leftover blue dye from previous sessions and decided to finish it up (though I didn't get to finish it up at all...still a little bit left over but that's okay). Leo slept till 3 in the afternoon on the couch and so I had to be extra quiet as I went about my fiber-y chores on this beautiful Sunday.

One of the first things I did was take a nice scrumptious photo of my latest handspun called Rhiannon...

I also have to show you the beautiful Autumn #2 batt that Janice gifted me yesterday! The photo doesn't do it justice - it's just so pretty (orange is one of my favorite colors!) and I love love love autumn colors!

Then there's the Ozark handspun yarn I purchased at Unraveled, too. This is just so pretty that I don't want to knit anything with it! I could knit a simple scarflette with it, but why? It's pretty on its own. Now I know that many people can't stand the look of this type of novelty yarn, but really, for 2009, I've decided not to care about what they think. Not all of us like vanilla, right?

I could post a few more pictures but...I don't think you need any more proof of my deeper journey into the rabbit hole. I guess I took more than one blue pill...

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Toni said...

Your "Rhiannon" yarn is so beautiful! I also like the Ozark handspun. If they weren't to expensive for my budget, I'd buy a whole lot of them!