Friday, January 2, 2009

Bikini Bottom

2009 WIP
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My first WIP for 2009 is a drop spindle project spun thick 'n thin alternating some mill-ends that I dyed a few months ago and combed into little buns, and some Crosspatch Creations roving called "White Water".

This is a long-planned project I've been planning and based on the future yarn's name, unless you've been living in a cave (I must have since I had to ask Leo about it - and he can tell you stories!), it's based on a Nickelodeon character who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Hmmmm...who could that be?

In the meantime, yesterday I spent a few hours dyeing some Sheep Shed Studio mill-ends in my new Dye Station - the garage.

I've decided to take the dyeing out of the kitchen since all the fine dye powder can get onto the counters and I have been known to miss a few spots here and there. So now I've set up the crock pot and the electric roaster in the garage and though I still have to drain the dyed fiber in the kitchen sink or the bathtub, at least all the dye powders will be mixed in the garage where there is also way more ventilation than the kitchen.

After three small batches were done, I had them drying in front of the heater (not too close!) and this morning, all the fiber's dry and ready to be carded or combed!

2009 First Dyeing Session

I so need a new drying rack. This is one that I kinda clipped on some laundry bags (the netting kind) over the bars so the fiber or locks could dry flat.

So far, 2009 is looking mighty productive!

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