Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day After

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Leo and I had Thanksgiving at his folks' place and they know how to cook! One thing that happens each year is that I never get to eat as much turkey as I would probably like because I'm always parked by the lumpia - Filipino egg rolls that totally clog your arteries because it's all deep fried. So basically I stuffed myself with that - and barely touched the turkey, stuffing (come to think of it, I totally did not eat any stuffing!), roasted veggies, and all the other goodies on the table. But it was a good meal, and it was nice to spend some time with the folks and the in-laws.

There's some drama going on, but that can't be helped. At least we weren't the drama.

Anyway, the last few mornings, Leo and I noticed that a cat had taken residence around our yard. We'd see the footprints on the chairs and the deck and finally Thanksgiving night, while Leo was potting some plants (he is always potting plants!), something rubbed against his leg and at first, he thought it was Truffles. But then he found that it was some strange cat, all purring and friendly. So he shooed it away, and had Truffles chase the cat off.

Then late at night, he showed me the cat coming over to us, meowing. It was no stray cat, I told him. That's somebody's cat. He sent Truffles off to chase the cat away anyway.

The next day I found the cat behind the gazebo, lying on the ground between the wall and the fence. It was alright - just a bit thin and tired of having a chihuahua chase her away. She was friendly and pretty soon was purring away and rubbing against my leg.

When Leo returned from Truffles' daily walk, he handed me a sign posted on our block (how I could not tell that our gazebo cat was the same cat whose sign I'd seen the past week, don't ask me. I'm apparently lost in fiber space or something).

All ended well. Sara, the cat's owner, came rushing to retrieve her cat who she said had been gone for five days. She lives in the five story building behind our house and for the first time, her cat decided to have an adventure and leaped the fence.

I'm glad she got her cat back. We scored a pair of great wines, and I hope the cat's had enough of this thing called "adventure." I hear it's overrated.

Anyway, I've been spinning on and off. I've been playing with blending and combing some fibers on my diy hackle, doubling up the combs to make it "double pitch". Hehehe...ya gotta make do, ya know!

So I've come up with this little basket of blended fiber:

Not bad...but I think I'm going to invest in some mini-combs. I'll reserve the hackle for some color blending prepared fibers.

Here's my latest spin. It's called Holiday Flowers. And as usual, I don't know yardage off the top of my head...

And another one that I forgot about since it took a long time to dry with all the moisture in the air...

Heathcliffe. Dunno yardage either.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend!

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