Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Those Buns!

I just think this is hilarious! I remember when all I ever wanted was my own Princess Leia doll because she had the coolest hair. This desire was then replaced with the landspeeder that Luke drove. Who wouldn't want a floating car??? Anyway, back to the Princess Leia buns hat - I think this is just the coolest! You can get your own pattern at Ansley Bleu's etsy page.

Well, I've been doing some spinning this weekend. I think it's primarily driven by the fact that I'm returning the Louet Julia tomorrow. I've decided to go with the Ashford Joy (I really would like a drum carder, too, but then that would mean that I would also need fiber to card with - so, having the wheel for now isn't such a bad deal) and so the past few days found me spinning one bobbin of purple roving on the Julia, then another on the Joy - and this morning, plied it on the Fricke. Hmmm...would that be considered a threesome?

Anyway, this is what I came up with:

I couldn't quite remember how I wanted to ply it and by the time I realized that it wasn't working, I'd already plied half of the bobbin. So this one isn't really one of those "oh isn't she beautiful!" kind of skeins. This one's called Amethyst.

All that threesome spinning of Amethyst ended up giving me some leftover yarn on the Joy bobbin and so that I plied with some purple thread. Now, this one I love love love. I love it so much (who cares that there's only about 36 yards?) I'm calling it Purple Luv!

Today I'm also planning to be a bit ambitious in tackling the garage. I'm going to be donating stuff to Goodwill and thus, hopefully, clear out some space for Leo to do his stuff. I've literally taken over the house and the garage with all my fibery pursuits and I'm just amazed at his patience over it all.

Thank goodness we have a garden - otherwise he really would go crazy!

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Bee said...

HAHA threesome. Well I think your final results look great. It looks like you're getting a long great with the Ashford Joy. It's such a cute wheel and spins quite well too, from when I got to try it out at Village Spinning and Weave. So you were talking about layaway...Artclub on etsy does layaways and she sells drum carders too. Heh.