Thursday, November 27, 2008

It Started Out As A Moebius...


Today's the day to give thanks for everything in our lives. And stuff ourselves with turkey, tofurkey, turkducken, whatever - it's a beautiful day!

Well, I'm grateful every day of my life - even when times can be trying. And you know how the times have truly been t-r-y-i-n-g around here. And they say the recession has only begun...

I'm grateful, too, that just because I missed that memo about the beauty of moebious/tube scarves, it doesn't mean that after fighting around with the frigging thing and wondering how it's supposed to look or how it's supposed to drape (if it's supposed to drape at all), doesn't mean that I can just undo the seam and pretend that I was working on a long scarf after all.

I'm talking about Lion Brand's beginner tube scarf that I've been knitting the past two days. I found some awesome Landscapes yarn at BigLots the other day and at $1.50 per 50 yard ball, you can't beat it. So I bought four and set out to knit the pattern featured on the ball band. This morning, I bound off and seamed the ends together like the pattern said - but for the life of me, I could not see the beauty in it - which is another way of saying that I couldn't figure out how to let it drape "gracefully" around my neck.

So after some thought, I undid the seam and the bind-off row and am now making myself a beginner scarf. Pretty simple pattern, too. Garter stitch 6 rows, stockinette the next 6 rows all the way till I run out of Landscapes yarn (remember, I got 4 balls).

Oh, here she is. I've christened her "Hannah" because one of the other things I found during my Big Lots score...was a Hannah Montana wig. I think she looks divine. Even Leo says that now that she's got hair -blond hair at that - he can't afford her.

Last night, I spent a few hours with the crazyfunwild ladies at LisCat. Long Beach Stitch 'n Bitch were meeting there last night and Jamie was supposed to be there, too (he couldn't make it though). Traffic was pretty light for a Wednesday night on the 405 south and I got there from work in no time. The Stitch 'n Beach group was in full swing in the knitting corner (with its cool fireplace!) and so were Catrina and her pals around the middle table.

Jennifer made this AWESOME Nordic sweater for her man and I mean, it was amazing! Other knitters also brought out their cool sweaters, and I could only drool. I can only aspire to one day make one for my man...but for now I'll settle for a scarf.

On the fiber front, I've been neglecting my show and tell duties. Here's the latest coup to my stash:

Purple locks from Dyeing For Color on Etsy

Red-orange costwold locks - also from Dyeing For Color - on the drop spindle.

Cha cha cha suri locks from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm

And since my swap partner, Studioloo, hasn't received my Halloween yarn and artwork (I sent it to Indiana instead of Ontario - IN vs ON - I must have been high on Motrin or something when I mailed it), I figured that since she liked pink, then maybe this -

blended with this -

would make some pretty nice novelty art yarn as a replacement. I'll just have to work on another art piece this weekend as well to go with it. Those last two pics are from Homestead - I'm too lazy to pull out my camera again.

So, yup - I've been busy. And with the addition of a bulky flyer and bobbin from Fricke and that precious Spindlewood drop spindle, BROKE, too. Oh well...

Which reminds me, while driving to the LYS last night, I heard this on NPR. A totally retro way to pay is back in vogue.

Welcome back, LAYAWAY. Even though I've never tried you before, I've missed you...

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