Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Introspective Cheese To Go With the Whine...

My back is feeling much better these days (thank you for all your well wishes). After a full week and a half of whining and groaning and walking like I had cement in my shoes and a camel on my back, I'm finally walking upright and acting like none of it happened.

Of course, as for my mental state, that's probably debatable.

You see, I think I'm stressed out. To. The. Max.

I've been listening to NPR straight for almost a year now and while there are times that I just have to shut if off and get some sanity back (they are the most sane of the bunch though), this time, I couldn't turn it off. It was like watching a train wreck all day long. Only this time, I'm listening.

The Dow was down 800 points. The foreclosure rate is climbing. Job losses are climbing. The financial crisis is affecting the whole world's economy. The bail out plan.... Well, you get the picture.

With the financial crisis taking over Main Street and its small alley ways and walk-ways, I think listening to the bleak news day in and day out finally took its toll on me. It's difficult not to get affected by it all. It's even more difficult not getting scared by it all.

So, in retrospect, I think my back simply gave out on me under all that mental and emotional and subconscious fear and strain. No amount of spinning and knitting could have prevented it - especially since instead of listening to some nice piece by Beethoven or Bach, or even jazz while I was spinning and/or knitting, I just had to listen to N.P.R. The news. Not the funny bits and segments. The news.

I still listen to NPR - don't get me wrong, I love them. But I think I'll be learning when to shut it off and let the beautiful world just outside of my little self shine through and allow me to get a hold of my senses - and know that I am safe and there is nothing to fear. Really. (I know it sounds like new age talk, but sometimes we need something like this to remain sane in this insane world.)

Okay, that's my rant for this morning. Thank you for listening. Now I'm off to spin some nice bamboo merino blend that is sure to work better with me now that I'm rested and...calm.


The Gravelcat said...

Hey girl, you take care of yourself now. I totally commiserate. It's happened to me TWICE in the last 3 years. Both times I needed some acupuncture therapy, and I ended up hiring a personal trainer to help strengthen my back. On my last birthday I did myself a favor and bought myself a firmer mattress. Freedom-from-pain sleep is such a joy.

Velvet said...

You're SOOO RIGHT about the mattress!

I was thinking the same thing, too! In fact, that's what I told DH last week, that we need a new mattress ASAP. That's gonna be my big purchase during the Thanksgiving weekend when all the huge sales happen. After all, I have to start heeding my own advice to my clients: You spend a 1/3 of your life in bed, so better make it a comfortable mattress to begin with :)