Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nice Knowing You...

I'm trying to spin a bamboo/merino blend and it is just not working out. In fact, it's heading straight to the trash bin because I'm so frustrated with it. I wanted to spin some novelty yarn with it, going thick and think and although it looked amazing, it would unravel as bamboo is quite slippery. Worse if you're plying it...or attempting to ply it.

And so off to the trash bin it will go for tonight. That, or I need to go to bed. I must be tired.

On a lighter note, considering that I basically only studied 20% of the time last week for my Physiology midterms, I still got a solid B - right in the middle of the grade (not high B, not low B...just the perfect right in the middle B). The professor said today that the average for the midterm was 62% - results which forced him to create a grading curve.

Otherwise, my solid B would most likely be a solid C. Whew!

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