Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fibery Patience Required

You are looking at some beautiful Flawful Fibers bamboo merino that I bought off someone's destash on Ravelry. I had this grand plan for making a Halloween themed yarn inspired by Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride.

Remember her? The movie starred the voices of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter and had a very charming story - if you ignore the fact that the heroine is a, well, a corpse risen from the dead. It didn't have the zing of Nightmare Before Christmas, but it was charming nonetheless.

Here's a visual to jog your memory...

However, the darn fiber had other ideas. It refused to cooperate with the spinner, refused to remain spun up and chose to unspin itself every time I tried to ply it with some gorgeous metallic black thread. I tried this three times one night, then three more times the next morning - just to make sure that it wasn't that I was too tired to spin right and thus had a good night's sleep dreaming of spinning bamboo merino.

But no cigar. So off 2/3 of it went to the trash. I was so frustrated it wasn't funny.

I can spin it fine as a fingering yarn, just not as a novelty bulky art yarn. And adding stuff to it? Felted baubles and stuff like that? No way, Jossssseeeee!

I'll be back. I'm gonna dye me some good ol' merino instead and insist on believing it's not me. It's the fiber.



Bee said...

It is the fiber! I've been wrestling with merino myself. Haven't quite learned to handle it properly yet in my spinning learning experience but been taking it slow.
Can't wait to see what you come up with for the Halloween theme.

The Gravelcat said...

Do people actually trash rebellious fiber? Or do you just spank it a bit and leave it in the corner and resurrect it the ff. Halloween? :D

Velvet said...

I was bad. I threw it out.

And I regret it. That was some beautiful fiber, too...