Monday, September 29, 2008

One More Reason to Go On A Chocolate Diet

Cadbury is pulling Chinese-made chocolates off the market shelves in Asia because of the presence of melamine, which is a concentrated nitrogen known to increase levels of protein in government tests - hence the reason why some unscrupulous makers add it into their products - the most recent one being infant formula.

Chocolates of British chocolate maker Cadbury are displayed for sell at a supermarket in Hong Kong Monday, Sept. 29, 2008. Cadbury became the latest foreign company Monday to be hit by China's tainted milk scandal, ordering a recall of its Chinese-made products after saying tests 'cast doubt' on their safety.

The same product was implicated in the dog food scare just a year ago. Now they're in chocolates.

The reason I bring this up is because I LOVE chocolates. It's like a daily staple for me, when I can find it. It's what I buy in bulk to send home for the holidays to distribute to family and friends.

Now there's one huge reason not to eat chocolates that may have ingredients made in China. When combined with cyanuric acid, melamine can cause fatal kidney disease - which was the same cause of the pet food scandal a year or so ago. Pets immediately developed fatal kidney disease upon eating tainted pet food, and now, it's been found in infant formula and milk products, and babies are dying, or have already died, from kidney disease. When you stop to think about it, milk products are found in many foods. And that's scary...

It sure has made me wonder, as my dad says most of the people back home in the Philippines have been asking (the Philippines is a huge importer of Chinese goods) as well - how long has all this been going on and how long would it have gone on if Singapore hadn't been the first one to blow the horn on it?

Come to think of it, America is a huge importer of Chinese goods as well, so does that mean it's here?

Definitely food for thought...

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