Sunday, September 28, 2008

A New Spinner is Born...Maybe

Yup, your eyes aren't deceiving's Leo drop spinning! The other night, I showed him what arrived in the mail and he got to feel how washed cotswold curls felt like. Then he felt how alpaca fiber felt like...he really liked it. Said it was soooo soft.

Then we used Truffles' dog comb to comb the curls. He said he wanted to try it, and so he did. Then he said, "I'd like to spin it."

I thought he meant that he just wanted to just twist it between his fingers since that's what he was doing at the moment, but no, he meant the drop spindle.

After a few tries with the drop spindle (3 of them, till I got him to use my Maine Woods drop spindle), he said he would like to try the wheel. So I got the Hitchhiker out and he gave it a whirl...had a difficult time figuring out the direction of the spin, and the heel-toe action. So he said he wanted to try it out on the "other" wheel. My Fricke. Cool.

So he said good-bye to the Hitchhiker and went on to the Fricke. It was fun. In fact he had a lot of fun that he held off eating dinner for a few minutes till he had enough of spinning for the night.

One of the things that came with the box besides the curls was Jim and Sandy Ryan's "Crazy Quilt Bonanza" batt and I spun it on my Julia (the Fricke was occupied). I wasn't quite sure what it was going to be plied with but I kept on going. I would figure it out eventually.

So last night, I figured that since I hadn't made it to JoAnn's to buy some glitter thread, I would just use odds and ends yarn, those bits of yarn that ended up extra after plying or some of my practice yarn when I was first starting out. What the heck, right?

So say hello to my first novelty yarn, Not Your Grandma's Quilt!

Of course, I have to add a close-up somewhere, right?

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