Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome Joy!

Today I went to Nancy's house of Nancy's Custom Handweaving to pick out a spinning wheel to rent. I was introduced to a few of them and I hope I remember them all correctly:

There was the Schacht LadyBug, which was pretty cool. Being the first ever wheel for me to spin on, I made a mess out of the fiber, not knowing when to let go as the twist continued to seriously collect in front of my fingers. I did manage to make some very interesting designer yarn...

Then there was the Louet Julia and I spun on her quite effortlessly. I think I maanged to make the best yarn on my second wheel, but then Nancy took that away and had me try out the Louet Victoria. I think I'm actually missing one other wheel...and for the life of me, I can't remember.

But anyway, the Victoria is the cutest tiniest wheel I have ever seen! It was so...compact! And it spun beautifully.

Then she took out the Ashford Joy and I felt a familiar thrill upon seeing her. I almost spun on a Joy during WWKIP day at El Dorado Park when Jamie invited me to spin on her. But it was not meant to be...but here was my chance. I sat in front of the Joy and while I had to admit, the novelty of wanting to spin a Joy was gone, it felt good to be spinning on her. It was like meeting an old friend.

But I definitely heart Julia.

She took out a Kromski Sonata but I told her that I was too confused at the moment to try another wheel that I would just take Joy home with me. After signing the papers, I drove home with the Joy and here she is!

This is the first, well, second bobbin filled up with some corriedale roving. I think I am getting better...

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