Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still Loving It!

Well, I'm still finding time to spin and spin and spin. Unfortunately, knitting has fallen by the wayside as I'm having way too much fun spinning. I'm also buying too much fiber...

Cleaned up my knitting area to accomodate the spinning wheels and this is what it currently looks like when I'm not spinning. When I am, there'll be baskets of fiber to one side and fiber, fiber, fiber....

My Spinning & Knitting Corner
I'm loving the Julia most definitely. Perfect for me to spin on while I sit on my chair and even when I sit on the low couch. The Hitchhiker is really really noisy to spin on and last night I changed the whorl from 13:1 to 9:1 and even Leo said, "Man, that is noisy!"

He much prefers the Julia, and to even consider taking HH to work so I can spin is out of the question if it's that noisy! But just in case you're thinking that I'm not spinning on the HH at all, here's Crosspatch Creations' "Tammy's Prize" currently on the HH bobbin!
What's on the Bobbin

In a pinch, the HH can do the job...albeit noisily!

Meanwhile, after spinning up half of Crosspatch Creations' Little Lassie and a simple cream colored white merino on the Julia, this is my first attempt at plying on the Julia:

Totally reminds me of that ice cream with vanilla and lots of caramel in it. Something like Pecan Praline or something...but for now, I'm calling this "Smores."

Here it is all plied up! Adding some wonderful pearl or white beads would have been awesome...or some chocoloate felt pieces!



The Gravelcat said...

Waahhh, ang ganda!

Maybe I should be thankful that spinning paraphernalia and fiber are rare here. Otherwise I would also be immersed in this obsession. I love the S'mores yarn (perfect name), and I bet it feels really good in the hand apart from being eye candy.

Great job!

Liz said...

Thank you! I was just thinking about that the last couple of days...did filipinos ever spin yarn..then it dawned on me. We don't have sheep or animals with thick coats! And we primarily use plant fiber like pina which we then weave.
Made me think of a way to bring it there, too...without felting it from the heat and humidity!