Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Abandonment Issues Here

Nope, I have not abandoned my drop spindles. Just the other day, I decided to ply the remaining Little Lassie yarn that was sitting on the Julia bobbin with the same that had been wrapped around a toilet paper roll. After transferring the toilet paper roll yarn onto another empty bobbin, I proceeded to ply it on my drop spindle...which turned out to be so much fun!

I found myself really missing the spindle plying - except for the yarns tangling with each other as they left the bobbin, it was wonderful! I'll make it a point to ply on the drop spindle more in the future. Spinning on the drop spindle is another story entirely though...I don't enjoy that as thoroughly as I do spinning on a wheel.

To get the plied yarn onto the makeshift niddy-noddy that was my bent arm meant some creativeness with my toes. So I used an empty Joy bobbin (it's from my Hitchhiker), stuck the drop spindle in there, and then proceeded to unwind the yarn onto my arm.

Alas, there was only so little yardage really, when it came down to it.

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