Sunday, August 24, 2008

Defeat in the Kitchen & A Winning Purchase!

So...first things first...remember that Portos Chocolate cake that had been leftover from the weekend party? I swore I was not going to be tempted by it...but by the end of the week (exactly 7 days later), this is what is left of the darn thing.

The after shot of the Portos cake
A minute on the lips, eternity on the hips, as they say.

Oh well, on the spinning front, I came up with this beautiful skein the other day. I have about 170 yards of it, and although it's enough for a project, I'd like to do some kind of lap blanket or shawl so 170 won't cut it. On the Julia bobbin sits the second single spun of Lavender Silk, which I purchased from Alpaca Direct a few weeks ago. By tonight, I should be done with it and then get to ply it by tomorrow, at the latest. Then it's off to knitting something for my friend Pam.

Lavender Silk Handspun yarn
I did have a project started for Pam, my dear friend who's fighting ovarian cancer (fourth stage), but since I chose to use some acrylic yarn from my stash, it keeps folding in at the corners and I have to continually smooth it out. And this is just the first, well, 8 inches or so of a lap robe pattern. So my plan right now is to finish this Lavender silk project and then knit the pattern all over again using this beautiful sumptuous yarn.

Just another shot...
Lavender Silk Handspun yarn

Yesterday morning, while walking Truffles - which is the only form of exercise I do these days - to the dismay of my ever expanding waist and hip lines - I spied a garage sale going on, and found this!
Garage sale find!

For this much!
Cool price!

This afternoon Leo showed me how to use the sander (I told him that I'd sand it by hand next week, and he said, "why not now? Here's the DeWalt sander.") and after after a few minutes of vibrating my own hand against the boards, I handed it over to him and said, "I'm done. I'm going inside."

Thirty minutes later, he's still out there and he's turned this beautiful piece of furniture into this:
Buffet Table after the sanding

I'll do the finer stuff with the sandpaper, just like old times.

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