Saturday, August 30, 2008

A First!

What you are about to see is a first for me. It's my first Navajo-ply attempt on a drop spindle. Well, actually, second...the first one was done with brown yarn and you could not see any of the plies at all, so the second one is some handspun I had sitting on a drop spindle. So, i wound it around a toilet paper roll and proceeded to attempt another Navajo plying on the drop spindle. It went from this:

To this:

I'm not as good yet but like they say, practice makes perfect.

On the WIP front, I finally finished blocking my mom's birthday lace scarf. Her birthday is actually today and I'm only mailing it today (that is, when I get my ass off the couch and run to the post office) so she gets it during her day off when she returns from Fire Island with her employers.

I used a lace scarf pattern from Michaels which simply said "Lace Scarf" and I used Wood of the Andes from Knitpicks. It didn't look that great prior to blocking and I let it sit around for a month before finally blocking it yesterday and then finding how nice the stitches laid flat and nice afterwards. I'm so all over it now!

Another first? I broke the brake filament on my borrowed Louet Julia and I'm bummed. I can't replace it and I have yet to tell Nancy and find out the damage...I thought it would be as easy as replacing the filament but it is attached to the peg!

I still have my Hitchhiker though so not to worry. Yesterday I spent hours spinning on the Hitchhiker to finish my Shetland roving I purchased from Shunklies on Etsy. I decided to ply it on the Julia and that's when the brake filament broke. I proceeded to Navajo ply the rest of it on the drop spindle as I haven't even attempted Navajo plying on the wheel yet. I should have pictures of the finished Shetland yarn today, but for now, enjoy the short movie of my Hitchhiker.

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