Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Drop Spindles in a Pinch

Remember when I was soooo excited to make the CD spindles a few weeks back? Well, I got online and found a site where I could order some toy wheels and I ordered a few bags of different types of wheels. Looking back now, I should have taken a ruler and measured out the dimensions before buying lots of wheels.

But, it all worked out well anyway. After a trip to Michaels to look for some dowels (didn't fit), then to Lowe's where I found some wonderful oak dowels, I set to work in creating a few so I can spin a few of new roving that's been sitting aroung waiting for my Maine Woods spindle and Ashford top whorl to be available. Toy wheels + dowels + Gorilla Glue = pretty cool drop spindles in a pinch!

Since making the first toy wheel spindle the other day, I've made quite a few already. Unfortunately I don't even wait to finish them with a coat of sealer or paint. I just start right ahead in spinning on them.

While a full cop of Rose Quartz merino from Alpaca Direct sits on my Ashford top whorl, , I started spinning another cop (so I can ply it later) on the second spindle I made. I think I'm getting better with my pre-drafting and my splindle spinning although I still mess up with some thick parts now and then.

Now what do you do when your chihuahua makes a chew toy out of your bamboo needles? You make drop spindles out of them! These were 10-1/2 Takumi needles that Truffles chewed the tip off one, and the handle off the other.

Coincidentally, it fit the spoked wheels I had purchased perfectly! I've made two and although I have to be careful that the yarn does not get caught in the chewed off handle (I haven't found the time to use a sandpaper on it), it spins wonderfully. I have to stop it from spinning with my hand because it seems to go on forever, but in my excitement to try it out, I didn't draft my fiber enough! Which reminds me: I have to go and check out Marukai this week to see if they have any needles!

This is Beyond the Realm from Copperpot on Etsy, and it is just divine. She's one of my favorite sellers and I love her roving...unfortunately, it took me awhile to get used to drafting it and here, they're all in blocks of color, not the mix that I was looking for. I did start spinning on the other spindle and the cop looks way better than this one.

I just love these spoked wheels!!! Gotta get me some more!

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