Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pinoy Knitters and a Handspun Skein

Traveling across the world without a stitch to knit sure made me very curious about knitting in the Philippines. So while walking around the mall one day, I was just about ecstatic when Leo pointed out a knitting store in the distance. He left me to browse around - unfortunately there was no need to stay a long time browsing because there wasn't much to browse!

Maybe it's the 90 degree heat and high humidity that prevent people to stop and consider knitting something warm...

I figured there had to be some Filipino knitters out there. And so while browsing the internet, I found them. They even have their own yahoogroup. Cool!

I recently purchased some handspun yarn from a girl right here in SoCal. I found her on Etsy (where else?) and the yarn is exquisite! And with only 135 yards of the fine stuff, I have to find a pattern that's just perfect for it!

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