Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Blooms, Knits and A Cutie Patootie

Living in California sure has its perks! I love spring and all the flowers it brings. Our hills are alive with color - as if the universe somehow spilled its palette of paints all across the landscape, giving us something to look at besides the traffic along the freeways.

In our little garden, we have a few flowers blooming. Our neighbor two houses down gave us this beautiful amaryllis (I think that's the name) and we got to watch it all bloom in all its glory. It's just beautiful!

Last year my former roommate gave me this old cactus, and this is the first time it's bloomed since we moved in our little house! The pink flowers are just so delicious and dainty! I can't wait to see all the other buds open up...unfortunately that means that it'll be done blooming!

On the knitting front, I've finally started on a new sock. This is from Enchanted Knoll on Etsy and the colors are just beautiful. My last sock was too funky, with its red and black colors pooling here and there, but I did wear them this past weekend while teaching Thai Yoga at a local community center. They worked great - I did note that I need to not make the toes too pointy. I have to look for a pattern that's anatomically correct for the shape of the toes. Meanwhile, I think the colors on this "Gypsy" colorway from Enchanted Knoll is just beautiful!

On the cute front, let me present our little doggie, Truffles - again! This is how she looks when she wants some food from our table. I know you're not supposed to feed dogs human food, but who can resist that????

My agenda for today is to do the laundry, clean the house, and organize all my paperwork that's been lying around for weeks since before we left for our Philippine vacatin. I will try not to knit...

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