Saturday, January 19, 2008

Alamitos Yarn Company

I snuck off this afternoon to find my local yarn store - the Alamitos Bay Yarn Company - in Long Beach, CA.

Since moving here two years ago, I've yet to really discover the city and slowly I am. So I was really happy to finally find this place! I got myself 3 Addi Turbo 40" circular needles in #2, #3, and #7. They also have all the yarn that I love - from Nori to Koigu and Rowan, and even...for warm and sunny SoCal - sock yarn!!!!

The guy behind the counter was really helpful - even pointing out other yarn stores in the area and around where I work! But need to look any further for me. I've found one of my favorite shops already!

Hmmm...I can already sense the danger it poses to my wallet.

Patience, little grasshopper...

In the meantime, wanted to share with you the progress of my Feather and Fan (again!) scarf for dear mom!

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