Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ok...So I Lied

I did do some knitting yesterday - while studying (or trying to study!). I do believe that it's healthy for one to take breaks now and then to preserve her sanity. And the way I do this is by knitting!

And so I tried my hand on a few stitches. This one is the eyelet stitch. I did miss a YO on the 2nd round of the stitch pattern so it just kept getting shorter as I continued to knit along. Well, at least it helped with my confidence to try out more stitches, and more daring a sock, or an actual top!

Last night, Leo called my attention while I was listening to a talk by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee so I could see what Truffles was up to.

That lil' dog is just so precious. Here she is using Leo's arm as a branch on which to hang out.

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