Monday, December 17, 2007

I Kept My B

Yup, I did.

Hung in there as much as I could. Almost fell off to a C, but someone must be watching over me.

Thursday was my Anatomy Finals, and the week before we'd had our Lab Finals. I left feeling really good last week, believing that I probably got 6 answers wrong...just 6.

Then the day of the lecture final comes up, and as I accept the practicum sheet, I blinked. He must have given me the wrong test...this can't be mine (yup, I was THAT cocky!). 46/60! No way!

I got 14 anatomy items wrong!

Turns out, I got all my artery and veins mixed up. What should have been an artery, turned out to be a vein. Still...that was enough to leave me all shook up. And there was 30 minutes left before the lecture finals.

My neck and back had been killing me, even my hands and fingers hurt, and my shoulders were acting up really bad. Took the test, what the hell, and left. I wondered if I was going to end up with a C.

Today I took a peek at the grades online. Whew! I must have squeaked past going a notch...I kept my B.

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