Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dishcloths To The Rescue!

Okay, so I've done the shopping for Leo - there's another gift coming in the mail for him, but this time it's nothing knitted. He's the only one I know who has yet to read the final Harry Potter book! He prefers audiobooks and they're generally more expensive than the hard cover. However, Dick Dale, the reader, is amazing, and well worth the price!

Three days ago, I went to L'Atelier, a posh yarn shop in the village, just one block from my office. I purchased 4 of their cheapest yarns, and after spending $50, I still left the shop with 4 balls of yarn!

So yesterday, I braved the trip to Joann's at 11 am (hoping to avoid the crowds since this Joann's is located in the mall), and after 30 minutes of shopping for yarn, I left the store spending $65 and a huge bag of yarn, yarn, inexpensive yarn. I have to admit...I'm no yarn snob.

My Christmas to do list is growing and I'm running out of time. There are 4 scarves to knit before Dec 22, when all the Christmas parties are going on. But not to worry...I made a discovery yesterday!

While browsing at Joann's I did discover Bernat's Handicrafter Cotton Naturals and bought 2 skeins so I could try my hand on making dishcloths. I had known about dischloths for a while now, but whenever I'd see a photo, I always assumed they were the size of potholders, and would wonder, "how can anyone dry dishes with something that small?" Well, I finally read the fine print, and discovered how wrong I'd been.

Last night I set to work knitting the first dishcloth on my Christmas list and though I can knit all day today, I had to set it down so I could start studying for my Anatomy final on Thursday.

Dishcloths...who woulda thunk?! I love them!

Oh! And one more thing...here's my latest find on Etsy! I'm finally going to try my hand on handknitting socks. But I'll reserve that till after Christmas.

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