Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas is here...And I'm So Behind on My Knitting!

In the midst of all the final exams, clinical days and the usual holiday fare, I managed to finish one more dishcloth, and this one, I decided is going to my mom in New York. Her favorite color is purple but I was not about to brave the mall to get purple cotton yarn that may not be there - since I don't remember seeing any. So for now, pink and brown will have to do. What she really wants though is a scarf. And so that's still in progress.

On the homefront, the bay window where we had originally planned to place the Christmas tree turned out to be the hottest part of the house, and I could instantly see our little cottage disappearing in a puff of smoke as soon as that bone dry tinder lit up in the heat. And so I dug out my little fake tree (and I mean little!) , draped the lights on it, as well as teeny glass balls and other stuff, and so...this is our tree this year. The gifts definitely dwarf the poor thing...

A few days before Christmas, Leo wanted a massage and lay down expectantly on the Truffles went right to work. And here she is...well, here they are.

If this goes on, I'll be out of a job.

The weekend before Christmas was a busy one...for lunch, we went to a Chinese buffet to be with my relatives (all 50+ of them!) and afterwards, we trekked over to Lancaster (about 100 miles away out in the Antelope Valley) to spend the night at our friend Lolita and Mike's newly renovated house. This is the dinner table as it was prepared...

And here she is cutting up the lechon for everyone to enjoy. It was amazing!

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