Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Honeymooners

My friend Sherri is on her honeymoon here in SoCal. She and her new husband Craig were gifted with a Disneyland Honeymoon by his medical doctor and her boss. Isn't that awesome?

I haven't seen Sherri in almost 3 years, and haven't spoken to her in almost 2 years. I hate it when things get in the way of friendships, but what makes friendships such as these so special is that no matter how long you haven't spoken or written to someone, everything remains the same. Nothing changes as much between you - divorce, marriages, new jobs - it doesn't matter in the end.

Here they are after a dimsum lunch (yum!) in Anaheim (I think that's where we were!) on Christmas eve.


For a wedding gift, I'm thinking of making them a chevron blanket - as soon as I get done with my mom's scarf!

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