Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's That Time of the Year Again

I'm back teaching and it's going to be a hectic quarter for me as I teach a total of 3 classes.  Two are ongoing and one starts in November.  This means that I do not have the time to spin my yarns or scour or dye my fibers.  So add another year for my fibers to sit around in their bins.  Oh well...

Which brings me to the issue of spinning wheels.  If I don't have the time to spin, what am I to do with 4 wheels?  And of course there's the issue of a toddler who needs more space to move around.

So if you're looking for a wheel, check in on me, will you?  I just may have a wheel (or two) for you!  Up for consideration may just be a Fricke single treadle folding and a Clemes modern wheel - both of these wheels have their corresponding bulky/jumbo flyer/bobbin, too!

So what do I do in the sparest of times that I do have?  Besides blogging at 3:43 am?

Playing with my teacup Darth Vader!

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