Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day In The Life...

I am terrible when it comes to coming up with titles, hence the title of this post.  However I will briefly list the things that happen each day now that I'm what people would call a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).
  1. Wake up - usually with my left arm and shoulder sore from making room for Lil Sunshine to co-sleep with me, and usually he ends up right snug up against me and I'm on the edge of the bed.
  2. Grab breakfast, usually a bowl of cereal, or grab a quick shower (usually this doesn't happen some days, since I shower at night)
  3. Change diapers and then back-carry LucasLil Sunshine and walk around the house.  Or walk around the block with Truffles, the chihuahua, in tow.  Actually it's her walk, so she tows us.
  4. Sit and coo with baby.
  5. Grab lunch, sometimes with baby on my back in a back carry taking a nap.
  6. Sit and coo with baby.
  7. Sit outside the patio if it's not too hot or it's cooled down in the afternoon to spin with baby either on my back, or in a ring sling over my shoulder.
  8. Sit and coo with baby till Daddy gets home.
  9. When Daddy gets home, I then realize that I never got around to make plans for dinner, or make dinner at all.
  10. Sit and coo with baby and Daddy and Truffles all in bed.
  11. Sleep with my arm and shoulder all crooked to accommodate baby who refuses to sleep without me.
So, how goes your day?

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