Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Spinning, Some Knitting, Some Napping

A few weeks ago, I actually found time to knit 2 hats for Lucas using my first handspuns.  Unfortunately, he's growing so fast it's now a bit too snug for his noggin!  Fiber was from copperpot on etsy and pattern was my own, just a simple hat with ribbed edge and then stockinette all the way.

I've also found time to spin in the early mornings when Lucas is still asleep.  It's been a few mornings, and sometimes a few stolen minutes in the late afternoons, but spinning still calms my nerves.  I just with I had another batt of the same colorway to spin another bobbin full so I can ply them later on and knit myself a shawl.
My days lately have been filled with nothing but baby, baby, baby.  Lucas is now going on 8 weeks old and already everyone can see that he has an explosive temper, just like his daddy.  But then he can also be the most patient baby as he deals with infant gas explosions calmly.  Poor thing!

Truffles, my little chihuahua, on the other hand, has found her calling as Lucas' guardian.  She's there right next to you when you have Lucas and she'll sit by Lucas if we happen to step outside the room - or in this case, nap right next to him.


velmalikevelvet said...

damn but you have a handsome family!

ritarenata said...

sweet baby and a good dog :-)))