Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inside Out

My brain is now inside out - I'm officially fried.

First of all, I have a nasty cold and Tylenol isn't exactly helping with the congestion.  And since I'm breastfeeding, I can't take antihistamines unless I don't mind my milk drying up temporarily.  It would be fine but still...

The other day Lucas had to go to the hospital for some tests to check how well his one functioning kidney is doing and boy, he wasn't a happy camper.  For the ultrasound, although it's an easy test and all he has to do is lay there, he was hungry but would not accept the bottle from me.  He's definitely a boobie man.  Luckily, the tech told me that I could nurse him in the room as long as I wanted after the test.

Then came the nasty test - where they first put on a IV on the little guy's little hand and then strap him down on the table so they can inject some isotopes (that's radioactive!) and then some lasix into him so in a span of 40 minutes, they can track down how well his urinary system is going.  When it was all over, he'd cried himself out and it broke my heart.  Though I was right there to comfort him, all the little guy wanted was for me to hold him.

Then they ask you to change his diaper and dispose of the diaper in their trashcan because it's radioactive!  Boy, does that make me feel better or what?  I hate these tests, but I understand why they're important.  I find out tomorrow what the results are.

His regular pediatric visit went well - he's now 12 lbs 9 oz (in the 75th %) and the doctor was amazed.  I guess mama's milkshake is doing him quite well. 

I haven't been doing well in the cloth diapering department though.  All I do is look at my $400 stash of cloth diapers and shake my head.  I wish I were my courageous but by 5 pm each day, I whip out the disposables although each morning I resolve to do better.  Who knows?  I may even cd through the night - although I'm not all that sure just yet.

Home front is getting a bit more organized.  I still haven't been organized enough to find all my tax stuff but I know that time is running out.  I have to do it sooner or later!

In the midst of all the organizing, I've managed to put away the fiber in dedicated cubbies in the garage and the yarn in the same place.  There's just two bags sitting in the living room to find some room to stuff them in.   This fiber can be dangerous.

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