Monday, October 26, 2009

One Productive Week

I've got two handspuns to share...finally! There's been such a long dry spell lately that it was a relief to see myself spinning again. Of course, I'm feeling tightness in my forearm muscles again from overuse since I just want to finish spinning a skein overnight! But I am learning to take my time, now that the dry spell is over and it seems I've gotten my spinning mojo back!

The first one I spun was andean plied around my wrist and of course, after losing circulation on my finger, it was time to ply! Unfortunately, since andean plying was probably invented for spindle spinning, on a wheel it's not that intuitive and so I have tons of underplied segments. Oh well...

There's a hand in there somewhere!

Rosings handspun

I then dug up more batts sitting in my stash that somehow managed to evade my destash craze a month ago and spun this one!

Remind me of a nebula - hence it's name!

Yesterday Leo and I saw Cirque du Soleil - Kooza at the Santa Monica pier and it was amazing! It was Leo's first Cirque show while it was my fourth. The music was so loud that the lil bun in the oven was kicking like mad the entire time. Then he'd quiet down when the music would die down, only to start up again when it began again. All in all, I think it was his nap time and so he wasn't too happy about it.

But Leo had a blast (I did, too - the Wheel of Death act was amazing) and would like to see either "O" or "Ka" in Las Vegas one day soon - which probably means it should be soon because once the lil bun in the oven is all baked and out of the oven, there won't be any time to go to Vegas...or anywhere for that matter.

After the show, we had some early dinner (we were actually starving, having had a late start during the day and getting stuck in know the drill if you live in L.A.) and then ice cream (for me) and coffee (for him) while walking up and down the pier.

Then we spied this anti-war installation:

Pretty powerful sight...

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